Content Marketing, Engagement Marketing, and Authentic Insights

Content Marketing, Engagement Marketing, and Authentic Insights

Seth Godin has been a marketing super hero of mine ever since I read his first book, Purple Cow: Transform Your Business By Being Remarkable. He recently sat down with The Economist Intelligence Unit at the behest of Marketo. Seth has always been ahead of the curve with ideas on how best to connect with your target market. He’s been championing the concept of Engagement Marketing for years.

In the interview, Seth contends that today’s most effective marketers deliver on the promise they make to people about what they can expect when engaging their company for services or purchasing a product. These are the marketers “who are embedded in what the company makes and are pushing it towards what the consumer wants” as described by the interviewer.

According to Seth, the marketers role today is “coming up with an experience, an environment, a service, a product, that people can’t help talk about, and then consistently delivering on that.” Herein lies the challenge and opportunity to differentiate your company, service, or product from the competition.

I’m currently working with two clients who sell B2B products. Some of the products are one of a kind and unique to that company, but other products are sold by many companies. How best to differentiate these offerings from the competition? These clients and I are working hard to create online experiences that focus on information and education. Information and education drawn from their unique experiences and expertise gained over years of working with customers who use their products. They’re delivering valuable, unique insights learned only by being in the trenches – authentic insights – not your typical advertising slogans and sound bites.

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Engagement Marketing, Content Marketing, and Inbound Marketing all describe the process of delivering authentic insights to help build relationships with your customers. Insights that make the work they do more enjoyable, educate them, and improve their lives. Insights they can’t help but talk about.

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