Holiday Purchases From Smartphones Rise

Holiday Purchases From Smartphones Rise

The holiday shopping season of 2014 is behind us and the numbers are in. Mobile device enabled purchases – those on smartphones and tablets – were up significantly compared to 2013.

The 27% increase, reported by IBM, confirms that more shoppers are embracing the convenience of smartphone enabled shopping and perhaps avoiding crowded malls.

Mobile device enabled purchasesWhat does this mean for ecommerce companies, especially those competing with the Amazons, Targets and Wal-Marts of the world? If you haven’t made the move to provide a mobile-optimized shopping experience for your customers you’re likely alienating 30% or more of your customer base.

Total online sales increased 14% over last year and the pace of year over year increases is accelerating.

Social media sites impact on purchase behavior is increasing as well. For example, the average order value of shoppers who viewed a product through Facebook and then clicked to buy that product online was a whopping $110.

Over the Black Friday weekend Target saw record online sales as did Wal-Mart. While the entire holiday shopping season wasn’t as robust as many had predicted, the trend toward increased mobile device shopping research and buying is undeniable.