What’s The Most Valuable Digital Marketing Asset?

What’s The Most Valuable Digital Marketing Asset?
How You Use It Can Make Or Break Your Sales Effort

The most valuable asset in digital business development is your prospect’s email address. Using triggered emails can deliver a significant sales lift – up to 5 times the response rate of non-targeted email messages.


First things first – How best to gather email addresses?

  • Opt-in to receive newsletters and special offers
  • Require an email address as part of checkout during purchase process
  • Offer how to guides or eBooks that require registration to download

The first two suggestions are no-brainers. The last recommendation is tricky. The question you have to ask yourself is this – “Do I want to require site visitors to give up their name and email to download a fact sheet or eBook?” Remember – only very committed and interested prospects will give up their email address to gather information. They know you’ll be following up with them if they do.

If they’re not willing to share their email address due to privacy concerns, they won’t access the valuable information you provide. If you don’t require an email address, you remove the risk of a prospect being put-off by being asked to share their email. By taking this route, you’re putting a great deal of faith in your website and other online content. It has to be compelling enough to nudge the prospect to take the next step – making a purchase or contacting you by phone, email, social media post or tweet.

Next Step – What do you do with all those emails you’ve gathered? There are many options, but a tactic I’ve personally had great success with is retargeting shopping cart abandons.

Shopping cart abandonment typically occurs when shipping is added to the shopping cart total. Sending a triggered email to the shopper who abandoned the cart is a perfect opportunity to extend a free shipping offer. This is typically enough to reduce sticker shock and entice them to complete their purchase. Better to offer a discount right then and there than lose the sale.

The marketing platform company HubSpot has an excellent blog on the topic of triggered emails. The blog states you can’t control what the prospect does. It goes on to say, “What you can control, however, is how you react to your prospect’s behaviors. And this is where automation becomes powerful.”

Make the most of your email marketing initiatives by making sure your email design delivers on these elements:

  • Relevant
  • Personalized
  • Mobile-Optimized
  • Easy To Read
  • One Clear Call To Action

Spot-on email design coupled with a well thought out automation strategy will help you capitalize on this most valuable digital business development asset.

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