There are no off the shelf, prepackaged digital business development solutions here. Your online business goals and challenges are thoroughly examined and analyzed. Recommendations and next steps for your unique situation are developed and delivered. These action items can be executed by your internal team or 4 Blue Day will assist with implementation and ongoing management. Services include strategy development, paid media ROI Analysis, website performance assessment, competitor analysis, digital business SWOT analysis and more.

Strategy Development

A well researched digital business development strategy and tactical plan is imperative in today’s hyper-competitive online marketplace. Are you moving to market with a new product? Seeking ways to improve ecommerce profitability? Increase online market share? 4 Blue Day will analyze your current position and present the appropriate steps necessary to help you achieve your goals and maximize profitability.
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Conversion Optimization

Whether your website is selling products or services online, you know that driving qualified traffic to your website is essential. Your primary objective, however, is to convert those website visitors into customers. And that traffic must convert at a rate that results in achieving or exceeding your revenue targets. What steps should you take to improve your conversion rate?
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