Maximize lead generation and ecommerce sales through ongoing testing and analysis of website page elements. Identify adjustments necessary to improve website usability and performance. Optimizing customer experience on your website and in emails should be ongoing and part of your day to day digital marketing management. The most effective testing protocols are A:B and Multivariate.

business155A:B Testing

A:B testing is a straightforward protocol that compares two versions of a single element on a web page or email. An example would be two variations of the same landing page with the only change being the call to action text. Monitoring analytical data, we wait for a level of statistically significant activity and can then point to which call to action delivered the highest conversion rate. That page then becomes the control and another variation of the call to action can be tested. Test. Optimize. Repeat.

Multivariate Testing

Multivariate testing concurrently examines multiple variations of the elements in an email or on a website page to identify the combination of elements that best achieve desired conversion goals.

Improve conversion rates, increase shopping cart average order value, and boost add-on sales. Reduce cart abandonment and generate more qualified leads for your sales team.

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