In developing a digital business strategy, 4 Blue Day employs a top-down analysis model. Client goals and objectives are first discussed and documented. Next steps are the review of tactics currently being used to achieve those goals and assess the impact of competitor efforts. Specific recommendations, unique to your digital business goals are formulated and presented.

business108Goals Discussion

What exactly are you trying to accomplish? We’ll talk specifics. For example: “4% lift in top-line sales from internet transactions” or “capture 60 new qualified leads per month.”

Current Efforts

We’ll look at what you are doing now to achieve your specific goals. Review the effectiveness of current initiatives against goals and digital marketing industry best practices. SWOT analysis assists in documenting what you’re doing right, doing wrong, opportunities to be exploited and threats to be aware of and position against.


Next we’ll examine what your competitors are doing and how it impacts the realization of your goals. How to best counteract your competitor efforts and capture increased market share, increase lead flow and improve revenue.


You’ll receive a plan that details channels to be active in and specific actions to be taken. By monitoring and analyzing results you’ll optimize your efforts, building on successes and mitigating deficiencies. Recommendations can be implemented by your in-house teams or 4 Blue Day will assist in execution and management of next steps.

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